Contacts not showing on the map?

If you cannot see your contacts on the map in Sales Navigator for the iPad, please do not delete your application. First, try the steps below, then contact us if you need any further assistance.


1. Tap ‘Choose groups to sync’ to make sure you have imported the contacts into Sales Navigator.





2. Make sure the groups you have imported are turned on and not in gray such as the ‘Unassigned’ group below:



3. Check that your subscription plan supports the amount of contacts you would like to geo-code:




4. Lastly, completely close the Sales Navigator application by double clicking the home screen and swiping up to stop Sales Navigator from running in the background. Then, go to the the settings application on your iPad. Scroll to find Sales Navigator on the left side of the screen. Tap ‘Sales Navigator’ and then turn on ‘Sync Now’: