Pricing Plans



per user / month

Basic mapping and route. Ideal for users with small contact lists.


What’s Included:

Map 150 addresses

5 route optimizations /mo

Call the US & CA 60 mins /mo



per user / month

With more robust features, Basic is great for everyday users.


What’s Included:

Map 1500 addresses

60 route optimizations /mo

 Call the US & CA 60 mins /mo

Spreadsheet import

Custom contact fields

Backup data weekly



per user / month

No limits, no worries. Pro is ideal for users with a lot of data.


What’s Included

No limit on addresses

Unlimited route optimization

 Call the US & CA 60 mins /mo

Spreadsheet import

Custom contact fields

Backup data daily

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be billed?

Apple handles all in app purchase billing. Once you sign up, you will be billed automatically through the iTunes store with the credit card that is on file for your iCloud account. Each month your subscription will renew on the day in which you purchased Mapview.

How can I upgrade my plan?

To upgrade your existing plan, you will first need to login to Mapview on your iPad or iPhone. Then, you can navigate to the ‘My Account’ page by tapping the information icon in the top right hand corner of the menu bar. Here you will see an option to upgrade. If you are on the basic plan, you will need to choose the Add On plan to get Pro.

How do the geocode limits work?

When you sync a contact or calendar appointment to Mapview that has a location, this will count towards your geocode limit. The geocode limit applies to all devices where you use Mapview. This means if you have the Lite plan and you geocode 100 contacts on your iPad and 50 on your iPhone, you will have reached your limits and will not be able to add any more contacts to the map.

How can I manage my subscription?

You can manage your subscription by logging into iTunes and going to ‘Account’ on your desktop or device. Here you will be able to view and edit your subscriptions to Mapview by scrolling to the ‘Settings’ section. For more detailed information on managing your account, you can read our support documentation here.

What happens when I reach my plan limits?

When you reach your plan geocode limits, you will not be able to add more contacts to the map or plot appointments with addresses that have not been geocoded before. You can still see the contacts you add to Mapview in the listview, but they will show in red meaning they cannot be added to the map. Once you reach your optimization and calling limits, you will not be able to perform those actions anymore and will be prompted to upgrade.