Excelling as an outside salesperson is difficult. The majority of the day is spent reviewing spreadsheets with customer or lead data, trying to plan out who to see and when to see them, and updating CRM systems from scribbled meeting and call notes. Even the best sales person is only fitting in a couple hours of actual selling time.

Improving sales productivity is critical to hitting revenue initiatives.  The benefit of being part of a sales organization in 2016 is that there are tools and technology that greatly reduce manual work, so that more time can be focused on reaching and selling to the right people.

Sales Navigator and its CRM-integrated counterpart, Sales Navigator for Salesforce, do this and more—it allows you to spend less time on planning and manual data entry, and more time selling to the right people. Time is no longer wasted sifting through pages of data trying to figure out which accounts need to be contacted or where your highest revenue opportunities are located, because Sales Navigator allows you to visualize all of them on a map with customized pins.

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You don’t have to badger accounts or leads that don’t need to be worked today. When you can visualize and organize your sales data by attributes—e.g. revenue, date of last activity, rating—you can quickly and strategically set up touch points and meetings with the right people at the right time. Sales Navigator eliminates the process of scanning through spreadsheets and tables of data to decide who to target by automatically grouping contacts so planning a targeted, strategic sales trip is as simple as a few taps on your screen!

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Sales Navigator focuses on the before and the after of a sales call, leaving its users more time to sell.  Imagine what you could do with two or more hours of additional selling time a day. You can start experiencing the benefits of equipping yourself with Sales Navigator today! Download the mobile app from the iTunes App Store here or click here if you use Salesforce CRM.