Many of our users use Excel spreadsheets to store contact information. In this post, we will explain how to export contact information from your Excel spreadsheet into a CSV or vCard format, then how to import that information into iCloud, Gmail, and Outlook.

Once all the data is imported read how to set up your device and sync the contact information to your iPad or iPhone.


How to export a CSV file from Excel

In Excel, go to ‘File’>’Save As’ and then choose ‘csv’ from the file format drop down. Then, click ‘Save’.


How to Import CSV or vCard into iCloud

From a Browser (only supports vCard format)

To import a vCard into iCloud on the web, start by going to and log into your iCloud account using your Apple ID. Next, click on the contacts application. Then, click the settings icon in the bottom left hand corner and choose ‘Import vCard’. Select the file to import.


From a Mac

Open the contacts application on your Mac. Then, click ‘File’>’Import’ and choose the file you would like to import.

From a PC

First, import the CSV file into Outlook by following the directions here. Then, download the iCloud for Windows application from the Apple website. Then, follow the directions here to link your Outlook contacts on your PC to iCloud and sync across devices.


How to Import CSV or vCard into Gmail

To begin importing a CSV or vCard file into Gmail, start by logging into your Gmail account and going to the ‘Contacts’ section. Then click the ‘More’ dropdown and choose ‘Import’.


Then select the file you want to import into Gmail.  **If you have a spreadsheet with fields that are not supported by Gmail, all the unsupported data will be added to the notes section.


How to Import CSV into Outlook

To import the CSV file into Outlook follow the directions here. Then you can either download the iCloud for Windows application from the Apple website to easily sync contacts or you can follow the directions in setting up your iPad and iPhone guide to sync the contacts to your device.


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