We are proud to announce the latest version of Sales Navigator for iPad is available for download in the iTunes App Store. The path to this release was paved by our team’s experience in field sales and more importantly, feedback from our current users.

 “We thank you for your continued feedback and support for our team and our continuing development efforts!”


The Power of Where

In recent years, field sales teams have realized the importance of integrating the Where in their sales process. Almost four years ago, we launched Sales Navigator with the hopes of integrating the Who, Where and When, so field sales reps could plan more efficiently out on the road. We believe that our latest release of Sales Navigator for the iPad enhances the integration of the Where with the addition of robust routing features and premium geo-coding.


Optimize Your Schedule

How many more clients or leads could you be seeing in a day? Our most exciting new feature—the Sales Navigator Schedule Optimizer—answers that question for you. This incredibly powerful tool organizes your daily trips into the optimal route with the tap of a button! Once your trip has been made, the Schedule Optimizer does the planning for you by:

▪ Keeping your fixed meetings in place
▪ Organizing your drop-in meeting tasks around your fixed meetings in the most efficient order.


Smarter Planning

Planning your day around the clients who are the most important is essential to sales success. Do you ever have to scroll through a spreadsheet trying to figure out who are your best opportunities and then who is the closest to your current location? With spreadsheets this can be tedious, but by organizing your contacts in Sales Navigator you can instantly see important information about nearby customers and prospects, helping you make better decisions on the go.

We understand that one of the most important parts of sales is managing your relationships. Sales Navigator for the iPad now integrates tasks associated with your contacts and allows you to manage your daily touch points in an organized list-view!


New Subscription Services

With all the new feature enhancements Sales Navigator will now be a subscription based services with 3 usage based plans: Lite (Free), Basic (4.99), Pro (7.99). Download Sales Navigator for the iPad today or contact us with any questions about our new features and plan options.