Recently, we have heard from a lot of you that your experience with Sales Navigator for the iPad has not been to the standard you have come to expect. Many of you have been experiencing problems with the mapping of your addresses especially in Europe. To address these issues, we have released Sales Navigator 5.3 with two new map settings:

  • Accept approximate geo-code results
  • Default country



Accept Approximate Geo-code Results

In the release of 5.0 we went to premium geo-code service, which allowed us to set the quality of the addresses returned. We choose to set our geo-coding standards to strict and only allow the best quality results through. We now realize that many of you have approximate addresses and this has been blocking the mapping of your contacts.

To address this issue, we have added a setting to allow you to choose to accept approximate geo-code results. Turning this feature on will prompt Sales Navigator to try to geo-code any unmapped addresses with a less strict setting.

*Remember that when using this setting some of your address may be placed in an approximate location. If you encounter the real location, you can always tap and hold a pin and drop it in the new location.


Default Country

Also in switching to our new geo-code service, we realized that many of our international users were experience issues when trying to map addresses without a country code. During our investigation of the issue, we found that without the postal code, the new mapping service was assigning all addresses without a country code to the United States. To fix this, we added a new setting were you can set your default country if your addresses do not have an associated country code.


Thank you everyone for sending your feedback and helping to continue to improve Sales Navigator! If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us.