We are so excited to announce all the important details about our latest release, soon to be available for download in the iTunes App Store! Sales Navigator will now be a universal iOS app so all our users on the iPhone can benefit from the advanced feature-set already available in our iPad app, in addition to even more great features!  This release will also include an improved interface and will utilize a collapsible side menu to accommodate small iPhone screens, split screen and multi-tasking views on the iPad.


What’s New

  • Create custom pins to personalize your experience
  • Use your preferred navigation tool: Apple Maps (default), Google Maps, or Waze
  • Easily convert flexible meetings (tasks) to fixed appointments (calendar events
  • Full high-resolution support for iPad Pro, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus
  • Option to show name tags under Sales Navigator map markers
  • Option to show or hide buildings and points of interest on the map
  • Save up to 7 backups providing you with increased protection
  • Manage the devices registered under your subscription account
  • Tap your current location on the map to easily create tasks, events, or contacts at that location


Subscription Options

If you are currently subscribing to a Sales Navigator plan, your plan (Lite, Basic, and Pro)  includes the universal app, and it will be available for download on your iPhone.  Once downloaded, simply login with your current username and password.  It’s important to note that geocode limits will now be shared among both devices (e.g. if your iCloud and other contact sources have 100 contacts total, and they are all synced to both your iPhone + iPad, this will count as 200 geocodes as they have to be geocoded once per device).

Current Sales Navigator for iPhone users can continue using that app, but it will no longer be supported after the new release is in the App Store.  For new subscribers, downloading Sales Navigator for the first time, you will be prompted to select a subscription plan:

  • Lite (Free):  Map up to 150 addresses | Optimize your daily trips up to 5 times per month | No Data Backup
  • Basic ($4.99/month):  Map 1500 addresses | Optimize your daily trips up to 60 times per month | Weekly Data Backup available
  • Pro ($7.99/month):  No limit on mapped addresses | No limit on trip optimizations| Hourly Data Backup available
  • All plans include Sales Navigator Calling, an in-app VoIP calling service.  You can call the US or Canada up to 60 minutes per month, with additional Calling Credits available for purchase.

You can start experiencing the benefits of equipping yourself with Sales Navigator today! Download the mobile app from the iTunes App Store here.

Thank you for visiting our blog!  If you have any questions about the new release, you can contact us anytime.