Did you know that among its many productivity-boosting features, Sales Navigator allows you to view and plan up to an entire calendar quarter? With this feature you won’t ever miss an opportunity to meet with a nearby lead or account! Here is a use case of the Calendar Date Range feature:

Joe is responsible for the entire East Coast region in his sales organization. He schedules appointments with key accounts throughout his territory regularly, but typically only sees one or two of these accounts before he hops back on a plane to his home office in New York City. When Joe plotted all of his territory’s accounts and his calendar events with Sales Navigator, he discovered all of the surrounding opportunities he was missing on these visits.  All he had to do was tap on a pin to review the account opportunity, then tap on the Tasks icon to quickly take the next appropriate action (schedule a meeting, call, email, etc).  You can try this too–it’s available in all versions of Sales Navigator!

Start by opening your calendar to select a date range:Calendar Post 1

Next, turn on the contact group(s) you would like to view against your calendar to view surrounding opportunities:Calendar Post 2 (2)


Take action on these opportunities by adding them to your task list for corresponding date(s) you’ll be in the area.  Sales Navigator allows you to setup Call, Email, Meeting, Event, and custom labeled tasks.Calendar Post 4


Start your Q3 sales planning by equipping yourself with Sales Navigator today!  Download the mobile sales planning and productivity app from the iTunes App Store here or click here if you use Salesforce CRM.