The next breakthrough in field mobility is here! The Sales Navigator team has been working hard these past months and is excited to announce the latest version of Sales Navigator for the iPad coming this fall.  First, we would like to say thanks to our 37,000+ users for providing us with invaluable feedback that helped bring us to our best release to date.

Route Optimization, a buzz worthy feature in many geolocation apps, is the automatic selection of the most efficient route between several locations.  It is an impressive feature making sales reps lives easier, but we thought we would take it to the next level in this release by offering Schedule Optimization.

What’s the difference?  Unlike route optimization, our patent pending Schedule Optimizer optimizes with fixed and variable appointment times. So if you have 5 drop-ins with no appointment time, a 12:00 pm lunch and a 4:00 pm sales presentation, we can optimize it!  With the tap of a button, your schedule is organized, optimized and ready for you to begin your day.



New Trips + Tasks feature allows you to manage your complete schedule with Sales Navigator


What else is new? Here are a few more new features our team thinks you will love:


  • Selective Contact Import– Now choose only the contact groups you want imported into Sales Navigator.
  • Task Management + Calendar Integration– In addition to iOS calendar integration, you can now create call, email, meeting and other tasks.
  • Trip Information + Directions– Now create daily sales trips with appointments and meeting tasks. View directions between stops and more.
  • Enhanced Activity Logging– Simply set a task status to complete to generate an activity log.
  • Bookmark Group Filters– Now bookmark your favorite group filters to easily apply them to your data.
  • Data Backup and Restore– Automatic data backup to iCloud, so you never lose important information.


With all our new feature enhancements, Sales Navigator will now be a for pay application with monthly subscriptions available. Try it free with a limited number of geo-codes as the best way to understand the power of Sales Navigator is to experience it!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!