Sales Navigator will sync all of your open activities from Salesforce to help you keep track of and manage all of your daily tasks. In this post, we will discuss:

  • Getting Started with Tasks
  • Task Feature Overview


Getting Started with Tasks

In Sales Navigator for Salesforce there are four different types of tasks you can create: call, email, meeting, and other (you can also add events, which are calendar appointments). View all tasks in a list view with your iOS calendar appointments by opening the menu and tapping the task icon ( icon-task-blue-active@2x ).

**It is a good practice, especially if you have an inside sales team that sets tasks for you, to refresh the task list every so often to keep the task list up to date. To do this, you can tap the refresh icon in the top right hand corner.



Task Feature Overview

Refresh Task List- Tap the refresh icon to keep your task list up to date and avoid conflicts with Salesforce.

Add New Task- Tap the ( + ) icon to add a new task.

Filtered Task List- Tap the blue bar below all to filter the task list via task type. If you choose event, you will see all of you appointments in a day or list view.

Actionable Date- Tap any of the icons on the left of the task list to take action on this item, such as open a new email or instantly call a contact.

Editing/Deleting Tasks- To edit task information or to delete, tap on any task.

Setting Task Status– Set a task’s status by tapping the flag icon on the right hand side.


Thank you for using Sales Navigator for Salesforce. Please contact us with any specific questions or feedback.