It’s nice to be able to see your customers in color, but since we know everyone wants products and services their way, we added a feature to Sales Navigator for Salesforce* totally unique in our space.  With our “Custom Pins” feature, you can see your customers any way you want.  Create a pin that represents your diverse data sets exactly how you see them.  In addition to our 150+ colors and styles of pins, you now have the ability to add even more!  See what you can come up with today!


Start by tapping on Settings from the Main Menu.  Scroll to ‘Custom Pins’:


Custom Pins Post 1


Tap the ‘+’ sign to begin:


Custom Pins Post 2 (1)


Name your Marker, then select the Shape, Color, and Text/Emoji you would like to represent the pin.


Custom Pins Post 7


Preview your new pin at the bottom of the screen, and tap ‘Save’ when you’re done.


Custom Pins Post 4


Assign your new Custom Pin to a group and visualize your customers the way you want!


Custom Pins Post 6

Thanks for stopping by the blog to learn more about Sales Navigator!  Download our Salesforce-integrated version* here or our stand alone versions here from the iTunes App Store.

*requires a subscription to the CRM system