Manage contacts geographically in Sales Navigator for iOS to help visualize and mobilize your data. Always know who is around you and access contact details directly in app. In this post, learn how to access your contact details, take action on contact information and general tips.


Accessing Contact Details Window

Start by tapping on a pin and then tapping on the contact details icon ( contact-details-icon-iphone ).




Taking Action on Contact Details

The information in the contact details window is meant to be actionable. For example, to call a contact tap the phone ( icon-call-blue-active ) or to send an email tap the email icon ( icon-email-blue-active ). By tapping the arrow icon ( icon-direction-blue-active ) the address will be exported to mapping app of your choice where you can get turn-by-turn directions.



Contact Groups

You can view the custom/external groups a contact belongs to by scrolling down to the bottom of the contact details window. Here you can also easily add or remove a contact from a custom group.

To add a contact to a custom group, start by tapping the ‘Groups >’ button. Then, toggle the custom group on or off.

IMG_1690         IMG_1691





Accessing Contact Tasks and Notes

To access tasks you have with a contact tap the task icon ( icon-task-blue-active@2x ), to access contact notes scroll down the contact details until you see the notes section, to access dated/logged notes tap the notes icon ( icon-note-blue-active ). Easily create notes or new tasks by tapping the (+) icon in the top right hand corner.

IMG_1693           IMG_1694


Thank you for using Sales Navigator for iOS. Please contact us with any specific questions or feedback.