Sales Navigator for Salesforce 7.5 Release – Improve Your Route Planning

Aug 9, 2017 | New Release, Salesforce

Our development team has been working hard and is excited to announce the release of a new managed package and app update for Sales Navigator for Salesforce!

This new release is now available in the Salesforce AppExchange and is jam packed with many updates. We’ve chosen our top 5 favorite things about this release from all of the new features and functionality.  Below is an overview of our top 5:


#1: Spreadsheet Import

Users can now easily import any data that may not reside in Salesforce into Sales Navigator via our Spreadsheet import feature.  Some examples include overlaying competitor locations or prospecting lists onto your current route plan.

Spreadsheet (CSV file) import is an easy 3-step process to load contacts or any other location-based data directly into Sales Navigator using addresses or coordinates (latitude & longitude).  Users can automatically group data from any spreadsheet column and assign custom pins to their groups, enabling an easy method to filter data.

Simply check out our spreadsheet import guide to learn even more.


#2: Lightning Experience

Sales Navigator for Salesforce has been updated to interface with the new Salesforce Lightning experience.  If your organization is still using Salesforce’s Classic experience, no problem, Sales Navigator will continue to integrate with that version, as well.


#3: Navigation Choice

Users can select Apple Maps, Waze, or Google Maps as their preferred navigation tool for turn-by-turn driving directions.  So you can pick your favorite program! The options will appear under the map settings icon.


#4: Expanded Calling Options

Users can now make outgoing phone calls directly from Sales Navigator via their iPhone cellular service provider.  Simply tap on the phone number in your contact record, task listing, etc. to initiate your call via your iPhone.

As a reminder, Sales Navigator also includes VoIP calling to the US and Canada. VoIP calls initiated from any Salesforce object are automatically logged as a completed activity in Salesforce.  You can configure your calling option preferences under Settings -> Calling Method.


#5: Task to Calendar Event Conversion

Users can easily convert meeting tasks to iOS calendar events by opening the meeting task record and selecting the “Convert to Event” button. This feature is popular among sales and service reps who optimize their visit schedule and then create appointments with their clients.


Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the full list of features included in this release.  Thank you for using Sales Navigator!


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