If you get hundreds of new leads each month, organizing your contacts can be difficult. Dividing contacts into groups in Sales Navigator for the iPad can help you plan and prioritize an efficient sales strategy. Some things to consider before making custom groups are:

-What are your sales priorities?

-What are important indicators that your leads are going to buy or take action on your offer?

-How can you organize your contacts to maximize your efficiency?

After considering those questions try to come up with a lead flow plan to help you optimize your time. To help you get started, the sales team at Sales Navigator has come up with a few lead flow ideas using custom groups.


1. Set up a Rating System

Not all leads are created equal. Setting up a rating system in Sales Navigator is a simple way to determine the readiness of your prospects to buy. Creating a simple rating system, such as Hot/Warm/Cold or About to Buy/Revisit/Not Interested, with different color pins on the map, helps you prioritize and focus your sales calls on the prospects who are most likely to purchase.

Before setting up a rating system consider what are the key indicators that a prospect will purchase from you?



2. Convert Leads to Opportunities

Having a well defined sales funnel can help you determine where your prospects are in the buying process and enable you to provide more relevant and engaging content during your sales calls. Creating buying stages in Sales Navigator as custom groups is an easy way to visualize your funnel geographically and help you stay focused during the sales process.

In the example below, we created custom groups by opportunity size because let’s face it revenue and opportunity size are always top of sales peoples minds who are trying to make their quotas. Once the custom groups are created it’s easy to convert a lead to opportunity by going to the contact details and adding them to the custom group.

Now, you will be able to visualize leads that have been converted to opportunities and instantly know information about the size of those opportunities.

Before adding your funnel in Sales Navigator, consider the stages of your funnel and how you can optimize your lead flow in Sales Navigator to help you make better decisions on the go?


Adding a prospect to a custom group


Visualize your opportunities on the map


3. Visualize Who Has Not Been Contacted

One of the simplest, but helpful lead flows to set up with custom groups is Contacted/Not Contacted. Many of our users have told us they use this system to visualize on the map who they have contacted and who they have not.

Setting up this lead flow enables you to quickly plan sales routes with leads you have not touched or once a lead has been contacted you can evaluate that lead to determine if you can assign them a rating or decide if it is worth it to revisit them by setting a meeting task for a later date.



These are just a couple of examples of how you can use custom groups in Sales Navigator to stay organized during the sales process. Let us know how you use custom groups to stay organized on Twitter or Facebook.

Check back next Monday for more Tips and Tricks!