Welcome to our new tips and tricks series for Sales Navigator! Here at The Casey Group we have decided to start this series to help you get the most out of using Sales Navigator.

Have you ever wondered how to access directions in Sales Navigator? Below we will discuss the three ways that you can quickly access directions to appointments or to contacts in Sales Navigator.


1. From the Trips window

If you have your daily route set up in Sales Navigator, you can open the trips window and view all of your appointments and meeting tasks for the day in a listview.

In between each stop is information about your route. Tap the information icon ( icon-info-blue-active ) to access written directions between stops and then tap the arrow icon ( icon-direction-blue-active ) to get turn by turn directions in Apple Maps.



2. From the Contact Details window

By tapping a pin and opening the contact details you will see the contact address. Tap the arrow icon ( icon-direction-blue-active ) next to the address it to get directions from your current location.  


3. From Circle and Mapview

As you are planning you may want to see who is closest to you by distance and direction. To see this you can open ‘Circle’ or ‘Mapview’ and see a list of nearby contacts.

You might also want to get directions to a contact close to your current location. To do this, start by setting your current location as the center. Press and hold the contact in the listview and tap ‘Directions’ when you see the pop up.


Thanks for using Sales Navigator! Please, contact us if you have any questions.