Sales Presentation Tips: Use Geo-Analytics to Convince Buyers

Apr 4, 2017 | Sales Blog

Making an effective sales presentation has many components. It must be relevant, data driven and to the point. Mastering these three components will make your product or service compelling to your prospect. With geo-analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your business and share them with potential buyers. Here we will show you how you can use Sales Navigator to make an amazing geo-analytic sales presentation.


View Customers In The Area

What can be more convincing to a prospect than seeing everyone in his or her area who is already a customer? With Sales Navigator it’s easy to map – instantly boosting your credibility when prospects see neighbors and friends using your product. Are you a floor sales person? Simply map the homes that have purchased the samples you are showing and watch as your prospects convince themselves.


Problem Awareness

Sometimes a prospect may be unaware of a problem they have. A major misconception is that Negative Reinforcement means that a person is forced or coerced into a decision. What it is in reality is removal of discomfort to change a behavior. As a sales person this can be a powerful motivator for prospects and Sales Navigator can help. Take an insurance salesman for example; by showing how many fires, floods, and burglaries are in an area, they can validate their statistics in a simple visual aid. This may make the customer uncomfortable, but luckily the insurance they need to feel secure is right in front of them. This creates a win-win situation. The salesman sells the product and the customer gets piece of mind just by letting the data speak for itself.


Presentation Efficiency

Being more persuasive is great, but what if Sales Navigator makes the presenter better as well? Using the Task and Notes feature will ensure that nothing is missed. Utilizing notes will allow a sales representative to record previous interactions and learnings about the client. This enables presenters to remember unique details and customize the presentation to fit the prospects needs. The Task feature ensures that when a presentation is going to take place. This easily allows a sales team to build their own schedule and have it sync back to their calendar. All of this can be done right in Sales Navigator improving efficiency for the entire sales force.


Trying to find the right balance between emotions and facts during a sales presentation is difficult. Utilizing Sales Navigator can make the balance easier to achieve by presenting local demographics that resonate with buyers. So the next time you have a sales presentation, open up Sales Navigator and go for the close!

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