Why won’t my spreadsheet open after I have shared it with Sales Navigator?

* The spreadsheet/excel file must be a single spreadsheet (not a workbook with multiple tabs) and must be saved in the CSV file format. A reference guide is found in this Microsoft Office support article under the section “Export data to a text file by saving it”.

* The file must be a valid spreadsheet with the 1st row containing column headers and then at least 1 row of associated records.

* The CSV file may not contain any double quotes.

* Spreadsheet import is only available on the Basic and Pro plans. Please check your account to see which plan you are on.


What happens if I only have one spreadsheet column with the full address?

* Addresses must be separated into street, city, state, zip, and country columns. If your addresses are all in one column of the spreadsheet, you can easily separate the address by following the text to columns directions on the Microsoft Office support website.

* If country listings are not included in your data, it can be added during the import process if your file only contains addresses from the same country. If your records have various country listings, you must add the country information to your spreadsheet prior to beginning the import process.

* Zip code preparation: Since number input fields in Excel will drop the leading zeros (“07994” will become “7994”) we recommend formatting the zip code column as a text field. You may utilize 5 digits zip codes or zip +4 (ex. 07994-1215).

* If zip codes are missing from your data, Sales Navigator may still be able to map addresses based on the rest of the data.


I have gone through the import process, why do I not see any data on the map?

* Make sure address data is complete and includes street address, city, state, zip, and country. If Sales Navigator is not able to map the addresses, it will appear in red text.

* If you find you have imported an entire spreadsheet of bad addresses, you can easily delete the group by tapping the information icon (  icon-info-blue-active  ) next to the group name and choosing ‘Delete Group and Members’.

* If the addresses look good, try following the directions in this guide.


Why do I have duplicate contacts?

* If your spreadsheet contains duplicate records it will create duplicate contacts in Sales Navigator. If your spreadsheet contains contacts that already reside in Sales Navigator you will end up with duplicate contacts.

* To get rid of the duplicate, you can delete them directly in Sales Navigator by following the directions here.