In the last tips and tricks post, we showed you how to create lead flows in Sales Navigator using custom groups. This week we will show you how you can target specific types of customers and prospects using the advanced filtering feature of groups.


Targeting Specific Customers and Prospect

Last week we showed you how to set up a lead flow using custom groups, such as contacted/revisit/not contacted, to help you can keep track and prioritize your sales process.

But have you ever wanted to target specific customers and prospects that might be a part of multiple groups?

For example, I may want to review information about specific prospects that I have marked as ‘Revisit’. However, I do not have the to time to revisit all of them, so I just want to focus on the best prospects that will help me reach my numbers.

To help me focus on my best prospects, I have also developed a rating system and organized my prospects by opportunity value. By setting up these groups, I can now use the advanced filtering feature to target my best prospects to revisit.


Using Advanced Filtering

After reviewing my sales process, I have determined the best prospects to focus on would also be a part of the groups:

Opportunity: 100K +

Opportunity: 50-100K

Rating: Hot

To focus on prospects I have marked to ‘Revisit’ and meet the above criteria, I would start by clearing my groups and only turning on ‘Revisit’.


Then, I would tap ‘Qualify by:’ at the bottom of the window. Here, I would ‘Require’ ‘Rating:Hot’ and ‘Exclude’ ‘Opportunity: 50K & Below’.


Now, I will only see on the map customers and prospects that meet the above filtering criteria.


I can also Bookmark this criteria to save time and easily apply it to my group list as needed.



This is just one example of how you can use the advanced filtering feature in Sales Navigator to stay organized during the sales process. Let us know how you use advanced filtering to target specific customers and prospects on Twitter or Facebook.


If you have any other questions or feedback please contact us. Check back next Monday for more Tips and Tricks!